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Tasker & Shaw

Sneakers care box, the ultimate cleaner and renovator.

Sneakers care box, the ultimate cleaner and renovator.

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Whether you wear leather, suede or canvas sneakers taking care of them is a must, ensuring your sneakers are cleaned and cared for ensures not only a longer life but keeping that box fresh look and feel.   

The specialist sneaker shampoo and brush are the perfect way to keep your shoes clean, the whitener will take them back to like new and the waterproofer will keep them looking that way for longer. 

The specialist sneaker deodorant, well we all know what that's for. 

With over £60 of value in the box it's great for the sneakerhead in all of us, or as a gift to the sneakerhead in your life. 


Sneaker Care Box contains :
1 Sneakers Waterproof
1 Sneakers Deo
1 Sneakers White Express
1 Sneakers Shampoo
1 brush

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