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Tasker & Shaw

Red Cedar Luxury Shoe Shapers

Red Cedar Luxury Shoe Shapers

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Our red cedar shoe stretchers are the most effective way to keep your luxury shoes looking their best and enlongating their life span. Using shapers is as important to the care of your luxury footwear as keeping them cleaned and polished.

  • Side spring mechanism to preserve the shape of your shoes and keep out the creases.
  • Twin tube springs keep even firm pressure on the full length of the shoe.
  • These shoe shapers are unvarnished to help moisture dissipate from the leather.
  • The cedar wood gives an aromatic fragrance which is reputed to have insect repellent qualities.
  • Our shoe trees are designed to fit english cut shoes perfectly, but will also fit Italian shoes too, can be used effectively for most monkstraps, loafers, oxfords and derbys.


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