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Famaco, Paris

Famaco Kit Pied Cireur

Famaco Kit Pied Cireur

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Famaco infuses luxury and tradition with their stunning range of Shoe Care Kits. A twist on the classic box design, Famaco radiates elegance from the style and design, to their renowned products and accessories inside. Indisputable quality products and incredible results, Famaco takes pride of place in only the best shoe shops and repairers.

What is included in Famaco Kit Pied Cireur 

See below a list of products which are carefully placed and specially selected within Pied Cireur :

2 x Polishing cloths 
1 x Black Polish1 x Neutral Polish 
2 x Application Brushes
1 x Horsehair Brush 
1 x Universal cleaner (An essential for cleaning any type of shoe!)

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