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Cashmink scarf - Burgundy

Cashmink scarf - Burgundy

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 If you love cashmere then you'll adore this deep Burgundy Cashmink scarf, which brings a modern material to the traditional winter scarf, he perfect way to feel wrapped in lucky in those super cold days. Cashmink is a specially-formulated, hypo-allergenic material that serves as an excellent alternative to cashmere. Unlike cashmere, Cashmink is more environmentally-friendly and it's vegan too. This revolutionary fabric is amazing Cashmink is an acrylic material and a great substitute for cashmere. It's ultra soft and cosy with an equally luxurious feel. 

What attracts most people to buying cashmere is its super fine texture. Cashmink is a vegan alternative that is actually 20% finer than materials such as cashmere. The revolutionary material is a warm, comfortable fabric, making it perfect for winter wear. It's not just a synthetic replica of cashmere though. Cashmink is the result of years of research and innovative technology, used to create a more functional alternative to cashmere.

Cashmink costs a fraction of the price, is cruelty-free, and more sustainable too. All of our Cashmink scarves have been manufactured according to German standards and have been certified pursuant to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and Cashmink can also be recycled. If you like the durability of natural materials, such as wool and leather but find that they irritate your skin, Cashmink might be a more suitable option for you. It's skin-friendly, vegan, hypo-allergenic and water repellent. 

We’ve been amazed to see the reactions from those cashmere-lovers who've switched over to Cashmink and never looked back! And who wouldn't?! It's more modern, better quality, eco-friendly and cruelty-free!

Dimensions: 35cm x 200cm 
Material: 100% Cashmink™️ acrylic 

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