The Unicorn of trainers (sneakers)

When I set out to find out signature tainers (sneakers) I knew exactly what I wanted, this soon became know within the team as my "unicorn sneaker", a mythical and etherial creature which no-one had ever seen. 
Despite searching suppliers all over the world, I couldn't find the blend of quality and style that I wanted, until I did! 

I wanted our signature trainers (sneakers) to be the best gentleman's trainers around and we found them. The upper and full lining are made of soft luxurious calfskin leather and the lines are clean, crisp and unfussy, perfect to wear with jeans, chinos or shorts and the vulcanised rubber white soles are easy to keep clean and are non-slip.
At Tasker & Shaw we find many of the current batch of bling trainers a bit garish and so the classic design and quality materials of our signature trainer puts the dapper back in dressing down. 
We love them in all of their colours, White, Tan and Black and know you will too. 
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