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Storm King 135cm Black sports umbrella

Storm King 135cm Black sports umbrella

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The canopy of this Storm King sports umbrella is manufactured from a 190T Polyester material offering a fine tight and very waterproof covering. For added durability we added a special VENT to the canopy which allows the wind to travel through as well as over the umbrella REDUCING the risk of inversion and further stress.

We always ensure that the canopy is broad enough for maximum protection and this umbrella has a generous oversized canopy diameter of 1m35, large enough to keep you (and another) very dry indeed.

The HANDLE covering is manufactured from a soft touch grip EVA material allowing a high degree of grip in wet weather. This umbrella is automatic meaning that at a touch of the button the canopy smoothly and firmly opens without trouble time and time again.

The perfect umbrella for golfing, walking or any outdoor activity where staying dry can be a challenge, especially in more extreme weather. 

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