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Famaco, Paris

Princess Luxury Shoe Care kit by Famaco, Paris

Princess Luxury Shoe Care kit by Famaco, Paris

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This top of the range Parisian shoe shine kit certainly fit for royalty, a perfect gift for men, fathers, or brothers, this remarkable set won't disappoint whether you buy it for yourself or as a gift.
It offers a wide assortment of polishes and creams enhanced with beeswax and other natural rich ingredients to maintain the suppleness and appearance of your fine leather shoes.

Most commercially-available shoe polishes and cleaners are solvent-based and will dry and deplete leather; these exquisite polishes and products from Famaco do the opposite; their ingredients will actually nourish, preserve and protect your fine shoes and boots. Dauber, welt, and polishing brushes are included in both light and dark bristles to clean and care for your fine leather footwear. Everything is packed in a cleverly designed and beautifully crafted hardwood box, with a built-in drawer to safely store the brushes and cream.

Each luxury wooden valet box contains:

7 x Famaco Fine Leather Shoe Creams (dark brown-Havana, brown, Bordeaux, blue marine, light brown-London, incolor, black)
2 x Luxury Beewax Shoe Polish - Cirage De Luxe (neutral, black)
1 x  Creme Delicate (Neutral) 6.76 Fl Oz
2 x  Large Bubinga wood dauber brushes – light & dark bristles
2 x Bubinga wood welt brush – light & dark bristles
2 x Bubinga wood polishing brushes – light & dark horsehair bristles

The luxury natural wood crafted box measures - 14 inches x 9.5 Inches x 6.5 Inches

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